April 2015

Pre-field Orientation Begins

Boys pose at JAARS signWe arrived in North Carolina at the JAARS campus late on March 1, with just one day to unpack before Orientation began.

JAARS is the aviation/media branch of Wycliffe Bible Translators.  The 600 acre campus provides missionary housing and has already been a great place of connections.

Phil feels like a sponge – absorbing information every day and then wringing it out in applicable ways in the shop.  The instructors have all served overseas, totaling countless hours of experience to glean from.

Seven men began TO with Phil, including one from Hong Kong and one from Indonesia. Phil and TO guys Because the TO staff personalize each man’s syllabus, Phil is gaining experience on planes he’ll be working on with Africa Inland Mission.

Being the only mechanic going through TO, Phil has a lot of one on one attention!

In late March the group went on a field trip, learning how to explore potential air strips, how to measure one out, etc.    In June they will go on a 10 day mountain trip.

Prayer and Praise

  • Safe travels to North Carolina
  • EJ has weekly ladies group
  • Boys involved with homeschool gym class
  • Older boys in job mentor program through JAARS
  • Pray for the remaining support to come in
  • Pray for all the details – visas, work permits, shipping, etc.
  • Pray for Phil and other orientees during the next few months

Upcoming dates

Phil’s Mountain trip – June 8-17

Orientation graduation – June 19

Commissioning service in WI – June 28

Leave for Nairobi (from GA) – July 9

We have 10% of our budget left to raise.  If you would like to join our partnership team, click here to go to our Support page.

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