Going There and Back Again

Going There…

In July we passed our two year mark as missionaries in Kenya!  What a milestone as we look back on all that we’ve become accustomed to and learned along the way.

With college right around the corner for our oldest two, we traveled to the United States in June/July for college visit and driver’s ed classes.  We were so grateful to reconnect with family and friends again!  Two years in a long time to be away.  Reflecting on our trip, there were three things that stuck out to me (EJ).

  1. Driving, no matter where you live, is scary business! With our three young
    From left: Andrew, Michael and Ben show their driving permits.

    men learning to drive, all at the same time, Phil became instructor extraordinaire!  More than once I bit my tongue as the oncoming traffic sped by.  Their newly acquired learner’s permits are a signal of independence, which is also a scary, yet exciting milestone for this momma.


Matthew and his Nairobi buddy Max.

2. It’s all about people.  What we miss most about living in the States is our people (although Matthew says he misses mini-golf most!). What we love most about Kenya is our people!  How can our hearts be in two places at once?  Even though it was difficult to say goodbye (always!), we know we belong with AIM AIR, serving in Kenya.

3. Treasure the moments!  We all had expectations about what we would experience while in the U.S. However, life threw a few curve balls that challenged these expectations (family members moving, illnesses, deaths, etc.). We learned, and are still learning, to treasure each moment and cling to the positive.

…and Back Again

Our arrival back in Nairobi (July 25) was a timely one.

Caravan 208 getting ready for an engine change

Just in time for an annual inspection on one plane and an engine change on another.

Just in time to welcome new families to the neighborhood and assist in a language learning course.

Just in time to experience Kenyan elections, which were mostly peaceful.


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