Card’s Journey

One day, Ms. Missionary Supporter was sorting through her mail.  With a gasp of pleasure, she excitedly opened a card from a missionary family that she and her family support in Kenya.  Inside she read a brief note of thanks, handwritten on the beautiful homemade card with a distinct African flair on the front.

“I wonder how my missionary was able to send me this card – it has a U.S. post mark on it?!” she wondered, as she propped it on the table.

This particular card has had quite the journey!  Here is the story of our Card traveling from a faraway village in Northern Kenya to the mailbox of Ms. Missionary Supporter.

  1. Risper and Phelgona, ladies from a Nairobi slum, industriously create cardstock from recycled paper and create the design of Card. They take Card and many others to their mentor/marketing director, Nillah (in photo below), in hopes that she will find a buyer.
  2. Nillah calls her missionary friend, EJ, who lives in Nairobi, to see if there is any interest in Card.
  3. EJ sends out a message to her lady friends in Nairobi to see if there are any buyers for Card. Turns out that Lareina, a missionary who lives in a remote village in Northern Kenya is very interested in Card!
  4. Nillah travels to EJ’s house by matatu (14 person taxi van) with Card safely tucked in her purse. She and EJ sort through all the cards to find the perfect ones for Lareina to use. (EJ buys a lot of them too!)  They find Card and add him to the pile going to the north.
  5. Lareina’s husband, an AIM AIR pilot, coordinates with an MAF pilot who is traveling to their village in a few days. He tells EJ’s husband, an AIM AIR mechanic, how to find the MAF pilot at the busy Wilson Airport in Nairobi.
  6. EJ’s husband carefully wraps up Card and all his comrades for the flight to the north. On his way to the AIM AIR hangar, he stops at Customs to deliver Card.  He prays for favor from the guards to enter – he receives it!  Card is now in the hands of the MAF pilot.
  7. The pilot makes a successful flight to the village in the north. Lareina’s husband
    brings Card back to their house.  Lareina finds Card at the top of the stack and prayerfully considers who this one will go to.
  8. She makes arrangements for completed Card and his friends to make their way back to Nairobi. This time there is an AIM AIR flight available with a bit of space.
  9. Card is taken to the home of Lindsey, an AIM AIR pilot who is traveling to the States. She tenderly places Card (and all the other cards from Lareina, EJ and others) into her suitcase.
  10. Once again, Card gets on an airplane – this time a 22 plus hour journey to Lindsey’s hometown.
  11. Lindsey graciously mails Card at the local post office.

    Nillah works as a mentor to many ladies in the slums. She teaches them how to run a business, while also sharing with them about Jesus.
  12. Card finally arrives in Ms. Missionary Supporter’s mailbox!

The simplest act of purchasing and mailing a card – we used to take it for granted!  Now it involves a whole community of people.  From the hardworking ladies who use card money to buy food for their children, to all the friends who worked together to meet this need – life in Africa is truly about community and we are grateful to be a part of it!

Phil and EJ Blohm & Andrew, Benji, Michael and Matthew

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