Leaving Well – Home Assignment 2018

It’s time for our first Home Assignment! (Furlough)

Our thoughts have been quite reflective as we think about the last 3 years. Two recent experiences stick out.

1. The other day I (EJ) was driving (which is still stressful, but not as much as before) to our homeschool co-op, and this thought crossed my mind. “I really love Kenya – Nairobi. I love her people and I love being part of AIM AIR/ABS.” These thoughts lingered even as a matatu (public transport van) cut me off and people darted in and out of my way, even as I drove to an activity that has caused a myriad of emotions, both positive and negative. To me this was a huge revelation, that I belong here – that I have something to offer – that I’ve adapted to my city. It’s not perfect or complete, but I do feel contented here.

2. Just last night, in the midst of packing and sorting, we hosted an AIM missionary family who work in South Sudan. We’ve become good friends in the last 2 1/2 years and it was great to catch up before we left for the U.S.. Who knows when we will see them again?? As we talked, they shared how vital AIM AIR planes are for their work in South Sudan. Jordan even went so far as to say, “Without AIM AIR there IS no South Sudan.” He looked at Phil and thanked him for keeping the planes running. He shared how he regularly needs to travel to their various stations and that without the planes it wouldn’t be possible. It’s still an amazing thing to us – that we are here in Africa, supporting front line missionaries, reaching the unreached, doing His business!

As our thoughts turn towards the U.S. and all that entails, here is our schedule as we know it so far!

Our U.S. time-frame is June 4, 2018 – January 15, 2019.

June 4 – Land in Chicago
June 15 – Benji college Orientation
June 20 – Cleveland, OH area
June 22 – Bowling Green, KY
June 24 – Tompkinsville First Baptist Church (KY)
all week in Tville area
July 1 – Monroe Baptist Church (KY)
July 14 – Crosby, ND
July 15 – Faith Lutheran Church Minot, ND
July 18-23 – Spokane, WA area
July 22 – Valley Assembly, Spokane Valley, WA
July 25-26 – Colorado Springs area
July 27-Aug 2 – Springfield, MO area
August – Family month, Benji starts college
Sept 9 – Community Baptist Church Black Creek, WI
Sept 23 – Watertown Community Church (WI)
Oct – Victory Church Missions Banquet (WI)

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One thought on “Leaving Well – Home Assignment 2018

  1. Great to hear from you! Marcia and I would love to treat you to a lunch/dinner/breakfast sometime in Waupaca. We’re semi-retired, but very flexible. Also, what does your “church schedule” look like in Oct/Nov? We’d love to see you all! God bless, Prs Mark and Marcia Sabin


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