Just the Beginning

A highlight of our time in the U.S. has been our three older boys getting their driver’s licenses. All the anticipation, preparation, instruction; all the practicing, learning, and testing – they did it! And yet, they are only just beginning their journey as drivers. They continue to build experience as they drive.

We realize that the same is true of our ministry in Kenya. Years of anticipation, preparation, and flight instruction culminated when we landed on Kenyan soil in 2015, it felt as if we had just gotten our driver’s license! We did it!

Then we began learning about the Kenyan culture, practicing the Swahili language, and figuring out how to do life in another country. Phil had more orientation to do as he settled into his role with the maintenance crew. Within a year, we became the “veteran” missionaries in our neighborhood. EJ slid into leadership with a local homeschool co-op. Our circle of influence slowly grew. As much as we desired to be with our family and home culture again, it was really difficult to leave Kenya for our home assignment this past June.

But we are not done in Kenya. In fact, we are just beginning! We look forward to returning to Kenya in January 2019. This time we’ll have a bit more experience under our belt. We have established relationships to go back to, and new ones to explore. We still have a lot to learn, but it’s not quite as foreign.

Being part of AIM AIR, where Phil uses his talents to keep airplanes flying safely, is where we are meant to be. We look forward to reconnecting with our church small group and the college girls who stay in touch with EJ while we have been Stateside. We anticipate more relationships and opportunities to shine for Jesus.

The Work Continues

In August, AIM AIR flew missionaries into northern Kenya for a Bible translation celebration. We’ve been supporting this village for a long time by flying local pastors, supplies, missionaries and more, so it was especially meaningful for our pilots to celebrate with Pastor David, who is a ‘frequent flier’ with AIM AIR.

Join us in our journey!  We are about $900/month away from meeting our budget.

One time gifts are also needed and appreciated.

                 Send checks to Africa Inland Mission                                                      PO Box 3611                                             Peachtree City, GA 30269

Give online at https://usgiving.aimint.org/missionary/1017520.

Speaking Schedule:                                                                                                          We still have a few open Sundays available.  We can also share during the week at your small group or Bible Study.  Contact us to get together!  We’ll be based in Wisconsin for the remainder of the year.                                                                        Oct 20: Missions Banquet at Victory Church, Waupaca, WI                                          Oct 21: Victory Church, Waupaca, WI                                                                           Oct 28: New Hope Assembly, Platteville, WI                                                                       Nov 11: Ascension Lutheran Church, Navarino, WI                                                           Nov 25: Farmington Lutheran, Waupaca, WI                                                               Dec 2: Waupaca Assembly Church, Waupaca, WI                                                  Friday, Dec 7: Game Changer Ministries 7pm, Wittenberg, WI

Contact Us!                                                                                                                    Phil and EJ Blohm, N1322 County Road E, Waupaca, WI 54981
Email: mail@blohmflyingnews.com
Phone: 715-942-9986 Phil: 715-412-1147 EJ: 715-412-2409



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