Treasuring the moments

Luke 2:19 “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”
This is exactly where we are at this Christmas! A time of treasuring up the moments we have had this year, cherishing the people we’ve met, and enjoying the ‘now’ moments no matter how small.
After a semester of separation, my momma heart swells as our reunited sons fill the house with happy noises (and smells!). I treasure all these things in my heart – just like Mary treasured each moment with baby Jesus. I finally get that verse – and even more so now that we are about to release our oldest two into the world of work and college as we head back to Kenya.

This home assignment has been filled with countless treasured moments, and as we turn our thoughts to Kenya, it’s the people encounters that we take with us. We are so grateful for each of you! While we regret not being able to see everyone we had hoped to; we treasure each moment with those we have.

We fly to Kenya on January 25, 2019! Pray for us during this transition – this goodbye to our own sons is perhaps the hardest one yet. But God. He has paved the way for Andrew to have a place to live and a full time job. Both he and Michael plan to attend Tech School next fall. God has opened doors for Benji to play basketball on an intramural team next semester at Concordia University and also to work as a referee (a perfect fit!). As a family, we cherish each day together and are so very grateful for His gift of peace during this transitional time.

AIM AIR’S Newest Inspector:
Phil’s main focus the last few months has been to study for the FAA Maintenance Inspection Authorization exam. He passed it on Dec 10! This IA rating will allow him to perform annual inspections and approve an aircraft for return-to-service after major repairs or alterations. Since two of AIM AIR’s planes are registered in the U.S., Phil’s ability to have full sign off authority on them will greatly benefit the entire maintenance team.
In my mind, Phil is now an expert in FAA regulations, inspection requirements, and all those other tiny details, like calculating rivet sizes. It’s an important title. The one who signs an airplane off to fly is the one held responsible if something goes wrong.
Pray for Phil as he takes the next steps to earn his Kenyan maintenance ratings. Having the IA from the U.S. will assist him in that process.

Financial Update: We treasure each one of our supporters and prayer partners. You mean so much to us! We are very close to meeting our monthly budget – just $400/month more and we’ll be at 100%. One time gifts are also appreciated!

Send Financial Donations to:

PO BOX 3611

Our personal address until January 24, 2019:

N1322 County Road E, Waupaca, WI 54981

From our home to yours – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Phil and EJ Blohm, Andrew, Benji, Michael and Matthew

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