Tests, tests and more tests!

A glimpse into Phil’s world: Nose in the books!  That’s been Phil’s mantra for the last 6 months or so, and it doesn’t appear to be lightening up anytime soon.  After receiving his Inspection Authorization last December in the States, he needed to renew that certificate in March (FAA rules). Fortunately, by performing an annual inspection on an AIM AIR plane, he was able to qualify for renewal.
Phil recently completed in a two week Cessna Caravan course (AIM AIR owns 3 of these planes). The class covered all the airplane systems such as flight controls, fuel, oil, hydraulics, electrical, lights, landing gear, engine systems, and more. Refresher courses are vital in the field of aviation!
Now that he finished that course, he can turn his attention to the Kenyan maintenance license requirements. Guess what? More tests! All the mechanics are going through this process so that they are able to sign off on the Kenyan registered planes. Phil’s first set of 3 exams are scheduled for April 12. Pray for him as he studies for Kenyan airplane law, among other topics.
Meanwhile, AIM AIR’s director of maintenance leaves on furlough this month, so he has distributed duties between Phil and the other mechanics.

Matthew and his best friend Maxwell on our first day back in Kenya – Matthew has just given Max a watch for his birthday.
EJ with Joanna (right) and Juliet (left)

Second Term is in Full Swing!  Reconnections and mentorship has been the theme since we returned to our home in Nairobi. What a blessed thing to not be the new family anymore! And yet, it still feels new as we navigate life without our oldest two sons (who are doing well!).
* Mentor missionary—we’ve been paired up with an AIM family to facilitate their growth in Kenya. We meet twice a month and it’s been mutually edifying!
* Housing Point Person—EJ helps manage the missionary houses in our estate and assists new folks to settle into Nairobi life.
* Homeschooling—homeschool co-op leadership, teaching Matthew, facilitating Michael’s last semester before graduation in June. Life is full!
* Mentoring college ladies—beautiful reconnections with these gals. Pray for their spiritual growth as they grow close to graduation.
* Neighbor boys—they continue to find a haven at our house. EJ keeps the cookie jar stocked while Michael often finds himself in a leadership role among them.  One in particular will come and ask Michael deep questions about life and faith.  Pray for Michael as he stands for Truth!

One of our planes loaded with supplies.

Picture This! Picture South Sudanese women flying to attend a Christian conference in Uganda, picture huge amounts of supplies heading for a refugee camp, picture cooking pots being delivered to a village, picture ministering in a remote Kenyan prison, …can you picture it?
This is why we are here, this is why Phil studies and desires to be the best mechanic he can be – each of these AIM AIR flights is undergirded with the desire to bring Jesus to those yet to hear, and to support those on the front lines of mission work.

Join us in our journey!  We still need $400/month to meet  budget requirements.

Send checks to Africa Inland Mission 

PO Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA 30269

Give online at https://usgiving.aimint.org/missionary/1017520 

Email: mail@blohmflyingnews.com

Website: www.blohmflyingnews.com

Join our Facebook group: Blohms in Africa

Internet USA Phone: 715-942-9986

Kenyan Phone: +254 737 732 570 (Phil)

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