5 years in Kenya!

As we cross our 5 year mark as missionaries in Kenya with Africa Inland Mission and AIM AIR, it causes us to pause a moment and reflect.  Grab some coffee as we share five highlights from the last 5 years in Kenya.

Photo credit: Shaggy White, OnField Media (AIM)

  1. People – Hands down, the reason we stay is for the people!  It’s been a wonderfully fulfilling journey as our sphere of special people has expanded.  Meeting folks from all over the world has expanded our horizons.  Doing life on a daily basis with those around us – both Kenyan and other missionaries – has led to deep waters as we’ve laughed, cried, prayed, and given thanks with each other.  Sharing Jesus with those around us through hands on loving has become a way of life.  We have learned how to live in community like never before, because it’s do or die out here.   In the midst of Covid challenges, we continue to reach out, looking for opportunities to serve those around us. These are not easy times in Kenya, yet we did not hesitate to remain here to ride out the wave of uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought to all of us. This has truly become our home. 

2. Kenyan culture – Despite living in a city of about 4.5 million people, we have rhinoceros, giraffe, cape buffalo, lion and crocodile about 2 miles from our house.  Mangled attempts at using Kiswahili (I accidently asked my language helper to marry me!), still happen as we slowly learn.  Firsthand experience with Kenyan traffic courts (and Phil’s “arrest warrant” when he missed his hearing by showing up at the wrong courthouse) and other government offices has taught us a lot about patience and just how dependent we are on our Kenyan friends.  Driving in a crazy big city on the left side of the road takes intense focus and nerves of steel.  Things that used to feel foreign or awkward now seem common and almost comfortable.  Worshipping the Lord in Swahili has become meaningful and rich.  Kenya has buried itself deeply into our hearts; and after countless fingerprinting requirements, Kenya will always have our imprint.

3. AIM AIR – We get to see and be the body of Christ in action every day.  With teammates from different countries and church backgrounds, we are unified by the goal of reaching the unreached using aviation.  Each role is different, requiring different skills. It’s not about who is more theologically correct, it’s about reaching the lost with the Good News:  that because we all deserve to die for our sins, Jesus died in our place so that we can be with Him for eternity.  Every flight that delivers food, medicine, supplies or people makes a difference.  Check out AIMAIR’s Facebook page and website for photos, stories and videos.   

4. Saying yes – In our living situation and everyday life, we’re not giving up as much as we thought we would.  We don’t live in a mud hut, we have electricity and internet (most days), and we can find familiar food (except Cool Whip and Cheetos).  Living in Kenya isn’t as hard as we thought it would be in those areas. But, living a continent away from our oldest 3 sons is much harder than we imagined.  Sometimes we feel like we are sacrificing a lot.  Yet the agony of separation has been tempered with His peace and grace. We move forward in confidence knowing God directs each of our paths! Michael bravely said it best last fall as we said farewell in his apartment hallway. “Mom, I know this is where God wants me to be.” Tears fell as His peace descended. We walk in confidence knowing God directs each of our steps.

5. You!  We couldn’t be in Africa without those who support us in prayer, friendship and finances.  Your investment in our ministry allows us to keep investing in Kingdom work here in Africa. His grace sustains. We are so thankful for YOU. Pray for our plans to visit the U.S. this fall – things remain uncertain and we don’t know yet what travel will look like.

Help us continue serving in Kenya: 

Give online at usgiving.aimint.org/missionary/1017520   or send a check to

Africa Inland Mission, PO Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA 30269

(enclose a note to indicate it is for Phil and EJ Blohm)
July 2020 – Photo credit: Shaggy White, On Field Media (AIM)

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