Sharing Cabbages and Compassion

In September we emailed out a special AIM AIR update, but apparently not many people received it. You can read that update on our Newsletter page.

When Covid hit, Abigail’s jewelry business took a sudden nosedive. With 5 grandchildren to raise alone, she was the first friend I felt led to help financially.  (Kenya has digital money system).  A week later, she shared this story:

“I had just one cabbage and one bag of flour in my house.  The grandchildren were hungry.  My neighbor passed by and begged me for food—everyone is hungry in my place.  I had to share.  I cut the cabbage in half and split the flour.  My grandson was  upset and said ‘Shosho (grandma) why are you giving away our food?’ I told him, no!  God will provide.  I praise God because after that you texted me and sent me money.  My grandson saw God answer prayer.  Now he’s not afraid to share.”

Tears gathered in both of our eyes as we praised God together for His timing.   

Abigail and her granddaughter Princess.

She doesn’t have electricity or space to keep a stock of groceries like I do.  Yet Abigail told me that God works in us together—that my abundance allows her to have enough so she can share with those around her.  (photo: Abigail and her granddaughter, Princess)

“In your face” poverty permeates our city of Nairobi.  Yet we realize that God has positioned us for such a time as this to show His compassion to those around us, to listen to His prompting to give, to share with confidence, and to show His love tangibly..

Our friend Gaz, who has a heart of compassion, distributes food and clothes to those in the slums while making jewelry and artwork to support himself. I just “happened” to text him when he was transporting a single mum to a hospital just in time to give birth. We were able to send money for diapers and supplies for baby Baraka (blessing in Swahili). Once again, God’s prompting to give came at the perfect time.

Thank you for your continued support of this unexpected side of our ministry.  Because of YOUR generosity, we have helped start new businesses, paid rent, provided food and clothes, crocheted baby slippers, bought medicine, sent phone minutes, given Bibles, designed business cards and logos, promoted small businesses, and given out countless cookies. 

Headed to the USA!
Covid threw a wrench into our original fall plans; however God’s timing is always perfect! Our main goal is to spend time with our young adult sons and extended family, rest, and visit friends and supporters as time and Covid allows.

We will be in the States from Nov 13-January 13.

Our mailing address: N3636 Morey Drive, Waupaca, WI 54981

October is audit month for AIM AIR this year. Phil is in countless meetings, preparing paperwork, reviewing procedures, and trying not to stress. The flight audit finished earlier this month, while the maintenance audit will be Oct 15-16. The Kenya Aviation Authority will come back to Phil with any areas to be improved. Phil and his team will implement the necessary changes. Prayers appreciated for the entire process. Aviation ministry is not for the faint of heart.

Using our gifts, right where we are

  • Phil’s attention to detail proved useful to edit thick aviation manuals that needed submission to the Kenyan government. His computer skills gave a deaf friend a new logo for ministry.
  • EJ’s gift of writing has benefited the AIM Crisis Management Team for our region. She submitted a story to a friend’s blog, and shared homeschool advice in a lengthy article. Check out her personal story here: From Pity to Peace. To read her homeschool article, click this Dropbox link or email her for a copy!
  • Matthew’s gift of responsibility emerged when he cared for a neighbor’s dog for two months.
  • Michael’s gift of engineering and analytical packing skills made a friend’s move smoother.
  • Benji’s gift of compassion shined when EJ’s sister had knee surgery.
  • Andrew’s gift of service stands out in his volunteer hours at church.


Give online at

Send a check made out to Africa Inland Mission and send to

PO Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA 30269

To give a personal gift (not tax deductible), make check out to Phil Blohm and send to above address OR give online at

Email us at or

Praise and Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the AIM AIR audit process
  • Pray for our upcoming trip to the U.S.A. – for safety and health
  • Pray for our Kenyan friends who are still struggling to find work
  • Pray for an end to Covid
  • Pray for elections in USA
  • Praise that our oldest son Andrew got a full time job
  • Praise that our two college sons, Benji and Michael, are on-campus and healthy
  • Praise that our Nairobi church is opening for in person services soon
  • Praise that our water system has gotten repaired
  • Praise that we have new AIM AIR families coming this month

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