A Hug from a Stranger: February 2021 update

January 2021 Benji, Michael, Phil, Andrew EJ and Matthew

Even though the January delay due to Covid was not what we would have chosen, we saw so many silver linings. The forced rest and extra time with our sons was exactly what we needed!
Phil, EJ and Matthew arrived back in Kenya on February 12.

A Hug from a Stranger
“Sorry ma’am, you are not allowed to board the plane.” The poor woman in front of us was devastated! New rules in Chicago found passengers waiting at the boarding gate desk while attendants scrutinized our negative Covid test paperwork to be sure it was within the right timeframe for our destination. Approval gave us a little green sticker attached to the back of our passports: permission to board! No green sticker for the lady in front of me. She argued and pleaded to no avail. My heart broke for her even as I anxiously awaited our turn, praying we’d get that sticker.

I overheard her desperate pleas as our passports received the coveted sticker. I found myself praying for the emotional toil this was obviously causing her. I felt a tug on my heart “Go to her. Give to her. Pray for her.” Positioning myself to cross her path as she left the gate area, I gently asked her what was wrong. Highly agitated, the woman explained that this was the 2nd time in a week that she had been denied due to testing problems. She was stranded at the airport and had to figure out a way home. When she took a breath, I simply told her that Jesus loved her, that He cared for her, saw her situation and wanted her to know it. As she calmed down, I slipped her some travel money and prayed peace over her mind and heart. Her face (above her mask) seemed to relax, her eyes brightened as we prayed together. She thanked me and then, social distancing aside, gave me a hug. I didn’t catch her name, but in that moment this stranger and I both felt God’s peace.

Rodgers has been a faithful friend and gardener for us for over 5 years. When we returned he shared that he has been struggling with his health and has lost much weight. Indeed, he is not well and is undergoing tests and bloodwork to find out what is going on. Pray for him!

Ways to Pray

  1. Praise God with us for safe travels. Pray for health as we continue recovering from Covid and jet lag. EJ still has recurring symptoms, mainly fatigue and no smell.
  2. Phil is back to work in the hangar. Pray for him as he moves forward in the Quality Management role. He just moved offices as well.
  3. Praise God that Phil finished training requirements for his Inspection Authorization renewal.
  4. Three boarding school siblings come to stay with us the end of March for 3 nights. Pray as we help them get Covid tests so they can travel to be with their parents in Mozambique for the month of April.
  5. Change is a constant factor on the mission field. A house move is in the near future for us (more to come on this topic!). Pray for all the details involved, as this was not in the plan.

Financial Donations send to
Africa Inland Mission
PO Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA 30269

enclose a note that it is for Phil and EJ Blohm

Give online!

EJ, Phil and Matthew

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