Blinks, Bridges and Goodbyes

On April 2 we said goodbye to our spacious house 291 and hello to cozy house 320 in our same neighborhood. It was not our plan to move; however, budget cuts within our Kenyan region made it necessary. Honestly, this has been a challenging season. Yet in the midst of this unwanted change, we felt God’s leading and love. Artistic friends painted meaningful words in the kitchen, others helped us move, brought meals, and many prayed as we made this transition. Little by little we are finding joy in our new home.

Two years ago we celebrated our 3rd son Michael’s high school graduation and BLINK! He’s graduating from Northcentral Technical College on May 15. He will graduate with a degree in Mechanical Design Engineering Technology and a Technical Diploma in Applied Mechanical CAD Technician. He will be working at Merrill Tool and Waterjet in Merrill, WI, where he has been interning the last few months.

We are traveling to the USA for a 5 week visit to attend his drive-thru ceremony, look at apartments and help him purchase his first car. Prayers are appreciated as he crosses the bridge into the workplace, for our travel safety, for negative Covid tests both ways, and for all the details involved as he graduates.

We had hoped to be in the States long enough to connect with more of you in person; however, due to schedules and needs with AIM AIR, we must keep our visit short. Connect with us by phone 715-942-9986, email or on Facebook!
Cards for Michael Blohm can be sent to him at 1636 N. 3rd Ave Unit 319, Wausau, WI 54491 (he’ll be there until end of July).

In our last update, we asked you to pray for our gardener Rodgers. Despite being sick, he made the 4 hour trek back to Nairobi on his birthday, March 9. We celebrated him with cake. I had no idea that would be the last time I would see him. What a treasured memory now!
On April 2, the same day we moved houses, he crossed the bridge from his earthly life and entered his eternal home in heaven. It’s been a difficult goodbye, but we are assured we will see him again someday. Pray for his family.

Due to Covid lockdowns, it was uncertain whether we could travel to Rodger’s upcountry home for the funeral. Permissions were received the night before the service. EJ was honored to represent all the missionaries that Rodgers worked for. She and a team from AIM made the 9 hr round trip in one day with 45 minutes to spare before the 8pm curfew.

One moment Kenya is open and BLINK! On March 27, everything was locked down again due to rising Covid cases – with only a few hours notice. With several of our Nairobi families visiting the coast of Kenya, AIM AIR was able to quickly mobilize two airplanes to rescue them—otherwise they would have risked being stuck there for an indefinite amount of time! Pray for Kenya as we navigate this lockdown.

Relationships are extremely important in Kenya. Phil and his co-worker Dan recently visited the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority offices to submit manuals for review and to get permissions for a flight (because of the lockdown, domestic flights now need special permission). The officials were in the midst of planting trees, so rather than just wait for the appropriate official to be finished, Dan suggested that they help plant trees! Phil and Dan’s tree planting moment built relational bridges with the KCAA officials.

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