Redeemed, Rejoicing and Relief

“Look sister! It’s daddy and grandpa!” R and A looked out the AIM AIR hangar doors with excitement and relief. Finally, after two years restoring a damaged Cessna 206, the AIM AIR team could take it out for its first test flight. With their mechanic dad and pilot grandpa in the cockpit, the girls prayed for a safe flight. God answered!

Rejoice with us that this plane is back in the fleet!  Our maintenance crew inspected it with a fine toothed comb, repaired all the damaged parts, installed a new engine and gave the plane a new paint job. They are relieved that it’s finished. 

Even though the circumstances surroudnign the forced landing in 2019 were expensive and frustrating (no one was hurt!), God used it to plant a church in that region of northern Kenya where there had not previously been.  Rejoice!  God has ways of redeeming difficult situations and turning them into beautiful things.  (Isaiah 61:3).  Pray that this 206 airplane will continue to be used for God’s glory as it transports people and supplies in East Africa. 

A few of our mechanics (the girls’ dad is in the yellow vest) with the restored Cessna 206.  

Missionary Eddie, in northern Kenya, called AIM AIR recently for help.  Lack of rain had caused drought conditions, and fighting tribes in the area caused supply trucks to cancel their deliveries.  AIM AIR stepped up and flew in over 5 tons of famine relief!  Eddie and his family rejoiced! Pray for rain and peace in this region of Kenya.

AIM AIR Pilot Dan had a heartfelt trip into South Sudan recently.  Partnering with a Samaritan’s Purse medical team, he transported cleft lip patients from remote village into the capital city of Juba for life changing surgeries.  So many of these children and adults are shunned and rejected.  After surgery, he was able to fly them back home amidst great rejoicing on the airplane – redeemed and renewed for life without debilitating cleft lips.  What an honor to be able to participate in God’s redemptive plan for these precious souls.

Rejoice with this momma, whose daughter had cleft lip surgery!  The relief and joy she felt resonated on the entire flight home.

Phil’s Quality Manager interview has yet to happen.  Aviaiton officials told him to wait, again.  We will be relieved when it finally happens in 2022!

We wait in anticipation of our older sons to join us for a short visit over New Years.  Rejoicing in the Blohm home!  It’s been a few years since Andrew, Benji, and Michael have been in Kenya.  Pray for their travels, as it’s not an easy process.

EJ continues to publish a monthly Bible reading called Digging Deeper.  Visit “Extras by EJ” page to find them.  Click on this link for January 2022 plan, Strength in the Lord.  

We pray for YOU! Our faithful supporters, prayer warriors, friends and family.  We pray that you will experience true rejoicing in God’s redeeming power in the new year.  Blessings to you all.
Phil, EJ and Matthew Blohm 

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One thought on “Redeemed, Rejoicing and Relief

  1. What a fantastic post full of joy and encouragement.
    We flew with AIM a few times in ’97 & ’98 and loved spending time with some of the guys in Mwanza and at Nassa Theological College.


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