Preacher Michael

The boys were playing soccer the other day and got to talking with a few of the neighborhood boys about faith and religion. One of them asked if Michael was a Muslim. “No, I’m a Christian.” The boy responded somewhat mockingly, “Preacher Michael! If you are a Christian, then you should preach to us.” Michael […]

House help

House help.  It means to hire someone who helps around the house.  I knew this was an expected part of life in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, but I didn’t expect the myriad of emotions involved! Meet Sarah.  She was introduced to me shortly after we arrived.  Her first day with us I felt awkward. Embarrassed.  Inept. […]

Clock shopping 101

by Phil Our neighbor and fellow AIM AIR missionary, Tom, took me to the store recently to get a stove, coffee pot, and wall clock.  Just getting to the store on the Nairobi streets is an adventure in itself.  Once we got the Nakumatt (a Walmart-type store), I found the coffee pots first.  I picked […]

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