A Hug from a Stranger: February 2021 update

Even though the January delay due to Covid was not what we would have chosen, we saw so many silver linings. The forced rest and extra time with our sons was exactly what we needed!Phil, EJ and Matthew arrived back in Kenya on February 12. A Hug from a Stranger“Sorry ma’am, you are not allowedContinue reading “A Hug from a Stranger: February 2021 update”

Peace in the Changes

FAMILY: Launching 3 young adults into the world of work and college feels like a double loop roller coaster ride (yucky!).  Returning to Africa on Sept. 30 without them was perhaps the hardest thing we’ve ever done.  Yet, they’ve all landed in Wisconsin, venturing out into their chosen paths.  We are grateful for God’s peaceContinue reading “Peace in the Changes”