Reimagine & Renewal

AIM AIR-Reimagined

The email said, “The board will vote on the future of AIM AIR.” Gulp! Last fall brought a bit of uncertainty to our team, as we prayed and waited for the Board to decide if AIM AIR was even needed anymore.
In October 2019, the Board emphatically stated that AIM AIR continues to play a vital role in the overall vision of Africa Inland Mission.
That is great news! We continue to pray for our AIM AIR leadership and the Board of Directors, as changes are made to reflect the changing face of missions.
One big change is that the Board agreed to allow AIM AIR to fundraise for operational expenses, which will help a great deal in making our services more affordable for those we serve. Pray with us and for us and our AIM AIR team, as we diligently seek God’s direction for the future.
Meanwhile, flights continue, new families join our team, and Phil pushes to get his Kenyan conversion mechanic licenses.
A recent C206 flight reached one of the northern most points we typically fly – near the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. This was for a partner ministry called To Move Mountains Projects, which provides quality education to children living in war zones.

Phil, EJ and Matthew – December 2019

Celebrating Christmas with 3 sons an ocean away forced us to really grasp hold of the true meaning of Christmas – and to cling to Peace that passes understanding!

We are thankful for family and friends on both sides of the ocean who filled the relational gap.  Thank you for praying for us during this season!

The oldest 3 made their first long road trip in December – from Wisconsin family to Missouri family.  We rejoice in an uneventful drive and all the new experiences they’ve had.

Highlights of 2019


  • Our 3rd son Michael graduated from high school in May.
  • Our friend Barbara graduated from college in October.  EJ was able to make her cake and gave an unexpected speech at her party.
  • Three young ladies EJ mentors graduated from medical college in December. 
Barbara was our language helper for several years. She has become a dear friend and we were excited to attend her graduation party!
Joanna, on the far left with the garland around her neck, graduated in December 2019. Her sisters traveled from upcountry to participate and they all were excited to take photos with a mzungu (white person).

Expanding AIM family

  • Four new AIM AIR families  joined us since July. 
  • We became mentor missionaries for 2 different families over the course of the year.

Ministry opportunities

  • Small group leadership at church
  • Praying with Winnie for salvation
  • Sharing Jesus at the chiropractor’s office
  • Ladies prayer ministry
  • Deepening friendships
  • Weekly prayer meetings
  • Cookie ministry to neighbors
  • Mentoring college ladies

Click here to watch the 2019 Christmas AIM AIR video!

2020 Renewal

As we continue our commitment to serve God here in Kenya, we have Hope and Peace that this is truly where He has called us to be.   After a challenging season we lean into His promise to renew our strength for what lies ahead. 

A glimpse of our 2020 year:

· Phil’s completion of the Kenyan licenses (see below for more details)

· Transitioning from monthly small groups at church to weekly small groups in homes

· Phil has joined a men’s Bible study

· EJ continues in homeschool co-op leadership

· We continue as mentor missionaries

· EJ continues serving on the Housing Committee

· We celebrate 5 years in Kenya this July

· EJ hopes to go on an AIM AIR flight this spring

·  We are planning a trip to the US this fall—pray for the logistics and details.

· We are now guardians for a missionary teen attending RVA (boarding school) while his parents work in Mozambique.  We’re his emergency contact and also a place to land during breaks.

Phil’s Journey through Kenyan Aviation Testing….

In Kenya, after maintenance is performed on an airplane, or airplane component, a certificated person needs to sign a “Certificate for Release to Service” document.

Phil currently has a temporary validation of his U.S. license which gives him this certifying authority in Kenya, courtesy of his U.S. Inspection Authorization that he earned in 2018. This validation can’t be renewed indefinitely though, he needs to earn his Kenyan licenses.

The three needed licenses are Piston engines, Turbine engines, and Airplanes (which includes the whole airplane minus the engine, propeller, electronics, and flight instruments).

 Each license requires three exams; multiple choice, essay, and oral/practical with a regulations multiple choice exam thrown in to make it an even 10 total. After that there are also 2 to 4 type ratings to be earned. It’s a little involved!

In 2019 Phil passed the four multiple choice exams and one essay exam. He’s waiting on scores for the other two essays. 

On January 16, 2020, he performed a 5+ hour oral/practical exam and waits for those results.

Needless to say he has had a very busy year of studying and testing! This has taken more mental energy than Phil initially realized, but God continues to strengthen him!

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord!” 

Zechariah 4:6

Get involved with what God is doing here in East Africa! Please PRAY! Please GIVE! Consider coming out to visit us and see where you might serve God in missions.

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