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Blohm October letter 2018

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Card’s Journey Blohm Nov 2017

Going There and Back Again August 2017

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November 2016

To watch a 2 minute video via DropBox, click on this link: Blohm 2016 Video

May 2016

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Blohm October 2015 update 

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Blohm July 2015 update

Blohm May 2015

Blohm April 2015

2 thoughts on “Newsletters

  1. I am praising the Lord that you are enjoying Kenya. I am praying for you and am asking our ladies Bible study to pray as well
    Would you please change my e-mail address to: Thanks!
    We are getting a mix of weather today. So far rain and sleet. When the temps drop (it;s about 30 now) it will be an icy mess and we could still get some snow.


    1. Yes, I will change your email. Thanks so much for letting me know. Please thank your Bible study group for praying! It is much appreciated!


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